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C/ San Valero 1, Russafa
96 321 4830
Mon- Sat 10am-2pm
and 5pm-8pm

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Kiss My Feet has just opened in Russafa. Be one of the first to try this new new pedicure method and have your feet feeling great again. Also a very relaxing way of passing fifteen minutes or half an hour and experiencing 1000s of tiny kisses. 

 The small Garra Rufa fish, also known as "Doctor Fish" take care of any dead or dry skin on your feet but do not touch the healthy skin. Used widely in Turkey and Syria for many years, this has now become a new and exciting way to treat your feet.

 Located in Russafa, Kiss My Feet Fish Pedicure Salon is welcoming and informative. If you are unsure about any aspect the personnel will talk you throught the process and explain exactly how it works. By kind to your self, be kind to your feet.


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C/ San Valero 1, Russafa, Valencia
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