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C/ Obispo Jerònimo 8 (Just behind Sherlock Holmes Pub) El Carmen
Tuesday - Sunday
1.30pm-4pm / 8.30pm-12midnight

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 Proving once and for all that great food and service dosn't need to break the bank. Elegant surroundings, and intriguing decorative touches may be for many a hint that a restaurant is out of your monetary league. Not here. Enjoy the best of what makes a good restaurant great at La Huerta y La Botella.

 A young and innovative team of professionals will make you instantly comfortable, and from there will begin to amaze and astound with their creations. A salad has never been so interesting, and full points to whoever thought of serving a melted lollipop with Foie!! The food is of a standard both in prepartion and presentation that few restaurants achieve. There is always on hand someone to suggest the perfect wine to accompany your meal.

 Located just of C/ Caballeros in El Carmen, easy to find, if you know where to look. Enter C/ Caballeros from Pl. Virgen, enter either the second or third street on your right, and there is C/ Obisipo Jerònimo. Now that you've found it,  sit down, relax and enjoy. You'll be back!!


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C/ Obispo Jerònimo 8 (Just behind Sherlock Holmes Pub) El Carmen, Valencia
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